Dockside, Kangaroo Point

DSC04561According to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Bicycle Network Overlay there is a nominal primary cycle route crossing the old dry dock area at Kangaroo Point. Currently this route is impractical for people riding bicycles, as there are only stairs or an unsuitably tight access ramp connecting from Cairns St to the riverwalk level at the Dockside ferry terminal.

Nevertheless, many individual riders still attempt to use this route as it helps them to avoid busy roads and intersections that have not been designed with consideration for people riding bicycles. Tourists and visitors are often surprised to find that their pleasant riverside ride terminates abruptly at a set of stairs.

EaST BUG have noticed that there is currently an open development application (A004060583) for the adjoining property at 26 Cairns Street, and asked that Brisbane City Council work with the developers of this site to ensure that all opportunities are taken to improve the bicycle route as part of the major engineering works associated with that development. This will ensure that Brisbane’s bicycle network can be upgraded with minimum cost to ratepayers, and with minimal additional disruption to nearby residents and people who travel through the area.

26CairnsStKangarooPointGoogleMapAlthough the Traffic Impact Assessment lodged with the development application A004060583 recognises that the performance outcome related to a property adjoining a cycle route is that the development contributes to the safe and efficient provision and operation of the bicycle network. However, the response to this outcome is simply that the development provides access to the primary cycle route, and does not compromise the existing bicycle network. We contend that this falls short of the statement and intent of the City Plan which is that new developments should positively contribute to the adjacent facilities.

Our letter to the Lord Mayor on this issue is available here:

EaST BUG letter to Lord Mayor (16 November 2015)

Update 9 December 2015: Response from Lord Mayor

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