Lytton Road Roundabout

The area around the roundabout at the intersection of Lytton Rd, Junction Rd, and Colmslie Rd is terrible for active transport, and EaST BUG would like to see this an intersection upgraded as a matter of priority to make it safer for people walking and cycling. Brisbane City Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) includes project MOR-RI-001 to upgrade this intersection with an estimated completion date in the 2016-2021 period.

Lytton Rd roundabout viewed from the west.

Dual-carriageway roundabouts such as this one are highly dangerous and intimidating for on-road cyclists. In this case, the heavy volume of traffic – including a high proportion of trucks – make it almost impossible to safely navigate by bicycle.

Under City Plan 2014, Lytton Road is a primary cycle route and Junction Road is a secondary cycle route. While Colmslie Road is only identified as a local cycle route, it provides the only access to Colmslie Beach Reserve which is one of Brisbane’s hidden gems, but which is sadly inaccessible other than by car.

The nearest pedestrian crossing to the east (where Lytton Road is a 4-lane carriageway) is 280m away at Barrack Road. However even after crossing to the north side of Lytton Road there, there is no footpath or capacity for someone on a bicycle to head west to Colmslie Rd.

Lytton Rd crossing near Col Grdiner DrTo the west along Lytton Rd, the nearest pedestrian crossing island is 800m away near the entrance to Col Gardiner Drive. However, again there is no continuous footpath on the northern side of Lytton Rd between there and Junction Road.  There is no signalised pedestrian crossing at all on Lytton Road west of the Junction Road intersection.

If it were more cycle-friendly, Lytton Road would provide the route to school for many students at Balmoral State High School and Cannon Hill Anglican College. However as it is, it’s almost unimaginable for a child take this route. Men who obviously work at the local businesses have been observed bumping along on mountain bikes in the grass on the road reserves to avoid the danger.

Clearly there are projects in many locations around Brisbane competing for infrastructure funding. However, EaST BUG is hoping that the priority of this project be considered not just in terms of the volume of motor vehicle traffic it caters for, but also for its importance in allowing active transport users to cross the major roads to reach schools, businesses, sports facilities and parks.

EaST BUG wrote to Cr Amanda Cooper, Chairman of Brisbane City Council’s Infrastructure Committee on 3 June 2016 on this matter.

  • Letter to Cr Amanda Cooper regarding Lytton Rd Roundabout (3 June 2016) with copies to Cr Shayne Sutton, Cr Ryan Murphy, Cr Adrian Schrinner