Murarrie Recreation Reserve

As one of their 2016 election commitments, Council will be providing a major upgrade to the skatepark at Murarrie Recreation Reserve. We think it’s also worth investing in a few improvements in the area to make it easier and safer for people to get to the skatepark on foot, by bike, or on smaller wheels.

Although the reserve has good parking, we hope that most of the people using the facility won’t have to rely on a car to get there. Similarly, the public transport is good (at least during the week) but neither the train nor major bus station is right on the doorstep, and the nearest commercial precinct is across at least one major road. While planning the upgrade of the skate facility itself, we’re asking Council to also make it more accessible by:

1) Making it easier to cross Wynnum Rd to Cannon Hill Plaza and Bus Station by installing pedestrian signals on the eastern side of the Northcliffe St intersection.

2) Providing a better connection between Cannon Hill Plaza and the Bulimba Creek Bikeway south of Wynnum Rd where the current footpath is very narrow. (There is a bikeway in the Priority Infrastructure Plan, but not until 2026-3031)

3) Providing a pedestrian crossing of Murarrie Road in front of the train station (allowing access to the Bulimba Creek Bikeway with only one road crossing instead of two).

4) Connecting the western end of the carpark to the bike path without having to use the criterium track – which is clearly not safe when a cycling event is being held at the reserve.

5) Creating a link between the Bulimba Creek Bikeway and Vane St. (The footpath across the bridge is narrow, and there is no path connecting from there to the bikeway).

Murarrie Recreation Reserve - improving access via active trsanport