Update on intersection upgrade, Morningside

Work appears almost complete on the intersection of Wynnum Rd and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive, Morningside – with only the application of coloured (green) paint yet to be done. Back in September 2015, we reported on Councils plan’s to upgrade the intersection with support from the Federal Government via their black spot program. EaST BUG called and wrote to the project team, and are happy that some of our suggested improvements have been implemented.

We are pleased that there is now a (short) bike lane on the approach to and exit from the intersection for outbound cyclists on Wynnum Rd.

However we are disappointed that a bike lane on the approach from Jack Flynn Memorial Drive, and a button to allow riders to trigger the traffic signals were not included in the project, as it was argued that the scope only included improvements on Wynnum Road itself. Retro-fitting such infrastructure will be expensive, and we feel that funds could have been used more inefficiently by including that minor work into this project.

We are also disappointed that it was not considered appropriate to install pedestrian crossings on the slip lanes to remind drivers of their obligation to slow down and give way to pedestrians when turning left. Such treatments have been used in other nearby council areas, but are considered inappropriate by BCC.

Finally, we note that as of 1 December 2015, to cross Wynnum Road on foot at this point requires a pedestrian to wait a full traffic cycle in the exposed caged area in the middle of the road. The complete crossing can take 6 minutes, and there is no shade at any of the waiting points. We have reported this issue to Council.