Bennetts Road bike lanes, Norman Park

DSC04806In mid 2015, Council upgraded signage and line marking along Bennetts Road in an effort to improve safety and efficiency for all road users. This included realigning the traffic lanes and centre lines and installing northbound and southbound bicycle lanes along Bennetts Road from near Fryar Street, Cap Hill to Agnew Street, Morningside.

Although EaST BUG advocated for separated and protected bicycle lanes in discussions with the Project Team, it was clear that the 2015 project budget only included provision for signage and line marking rather than for major engineering works facilitating physical separation.

EaST BUG provided detailed feedback on the proposal for delineated bike lanes, including the following key recommendations:

  1. Traffic lane widths should be kept to 3.3m or less in order to encourage slower traffic speeds
  2. Increase the buffer zone between parked cars and the cycle lane to more than the minimum 400mm where space is available
  3. Reduce the posted speed limit below the current 60kph
  4. Increase the width of the bike lane adjacent to the crumbling bluestone wall beyond the proposed 1.5m
  5. Increase the width of the bike lane to 2.0m on the steep section of the climb up to the Agnew St roundabout
  6. Review options to continue the bike lanes past the shops near Jackson St rather than reverting to BAZ (bicycle awareness zone) markings which provide no protection to riders.

Unfortunately these recommendations were not taken up by the project team. Additionally, due BCC’s practice of measuring bike lane width from the curb face rather than the tarmac edge, the functional width of the bike lanes in some places is quite narrow.

We therefore feel that although the solution as implemented is an improvement on the previous configuration, there is still room for improvement.

Original plan drawings (received 27 February 2015)

EaST BUG response and recommendations (sent 20 March 2015)