Bikeway crossing Turbo Drive, Coorparoo

TurbotDriveCrossingThe CBD to Carindale commuter bikeway corridor crosses a number of side-streets – including Turbo Drive where it meets Deshon Street at Coorparoo. We are concerned that this will be a conflict zone between commuting riders and vehicles turning in and out of Turbot Drive.

Since the bikeway is intended to be a commuter corridor,  people who are commuting by bicycle should not be forced to give way to traffic turning into or exiting from side streets. They should also not have their route blocked by traffic queuing across their path, as we predict will happen regularly at Turbo Drive.

Priority crossingThis crossing should be configured as a priority crossing for cyclists, with vehicles slowed to an appropriate speed when turning into Turbot Drive, and so that drivers do not queue across the bikeway when waiting to turn out of Turbo Drive.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads document TN128 Selection and Design of Cycle Tracks illustrates how to design a priority crossing suitable for a commuter bikeway where it crosses a side road (see illustration at right).  We believe this is an appropriate design for the Turbot Drive crossing, and are concerned that the current works are not compatible with this design.

For more on the CBD to Carindale commuter bikeway, see our post from 30 October 2015.