Perrin Creek Bridge

At EaST BUG we are concerned for the safety of cyclists crossing the Perrin Creek Bridge on Lytton Road at Morningside. Although Lytton Road is nominally a primary cycle route, in reality it is of very poor quality, and we consider this is the worst section of the route.

Lytton Road is busy at all times, carrying a high volume of heavy vehicle traffic. The bridge across Perrin Creek is quite narrow, with a single lane in each direction, and absolutely no shoulder. There is a narrow footpath on the southern side of the bridge, but even this feels quite insecure as there is no barrier to prevent a rider or pedestrian falling onto the roadway or being struck by an object protruding from a vehicle. It can be very difficult for riders travelling east to cross Lytton Road to even access this narrow footpath.

This road is the only feasible route for residents of Bulimba and Balmoral and students from the Balmoral State High School to access the Comslie Recreational Reserve – including the Colmslie Swimming Pool. The condition of Lytton Road in this area effectively means that these residents and students cannot access the recreational facilities by bicycle. Additionally, this is the only feasible route for students from Bulimba and parts of Balmoral to ride to the Cannon Hill Anglican College. Again, this effectively rules out riding to school for those students.

We call on the Brisbane City Council to take action to dramatically improve the condition of Lytton Road along its entire length, but most urgently where it crosses Perrin Creek.