Safety of Lytton Road from Thynne Rd, Morningside to Oxford St, Bulimba

DSC03749EaST BUG calls on the Brisbane City Council to upgrade Lytton Rd between Thynne Rd, Morningside and Oxford St Bulimba, noting that:

  • Current cycle lanes are not protected and are adjacent to the traffic stream;
  • Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in the Brisbane City Plan 2014;
  • Cycling provisions on some sections of this route are limited to BAZ (Bicycle Awareness Zones) markings which have proven ineffective in providing protection for cyclists and do nothing to encourage people to ride bicycles for transport;
  • Lytton Rd carries a high volume of traffic, including a high proportion of heavy vehicle traffic between Thynne Road and Taylor St;
  • A significant new warehouse development in Taylor Street will further add to the volume of heavy vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd east of Taylor St;
  • Heavy vehicle traffic should be discouraged from using Lytton Rd west of Taylor St and accessing the roundabout to Riding Rd or Hawthorne Rd – neither of which are suitable for heavy vehicle traffic;
  • Residential development at the Bulimba Barracks site will add significantly to the volume of private vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd in each direction;
  • Lytton Rd provides the only feasible route to school for many students attending the Balmoral State High School from within that school’s catchment area (which will include the Bulimba Barracks site);
  • DSC03725Lytton Rd provides the only feasible route to school for many students attending Bulimba State School from within the catchment area;
  • Crossing Lytton Road at peak times before and after school can be very difficult;
  • Crossing Thynne Road at peak times before or after school can be very difficult;
  • All school students should have access to a safe route that enables them to walk or ride to school;
  • Brisbane City Council has already committed to upgrading and signalising the intersection of Lytton Rd and Apollo Rd;
  • A cyclist was killed on Lytton Rd at the junction with Apollo Rd in 2010;
  • Council have announced their intention to make the junction with Baldwin St and Lytton Rd left-turn in and left-turn out only to help manage additional traffic from the Bulimba Barracks development.
  • Local residents have repeatedly expressed their concerns over the traffic mix and traffic conditions on Lytton Rd.

Detailed proposal, calling for protected bike lanes along Lytton Road, and improved crossing points.