Manly Road, Tingalpa

EaST BUG are concerned about a safety issue for cyclists on Manly Road at Tingalpa. Travelling in the inbound direction, there is a particularly nasty squeeze-point crossing the culvert just after Castlerea St where there is no road shoulder and cyclists are forced to ride in the traffic lane. This is a busy road with a lot of high speed traffic, including heavy vehicles. It has been identified in the Brisbane City Plan as a primary cycle route, and is particularly important for commuter cyclists travelling quite long distances from the eastern suburbs toward the CBD.

In the City Plan Schedule of Works for future trunk infrastructure, there is an entry for TIN-RC-005  Wynnum Road/Belmont Road/Manly Road Interim Upgrade (Wynnum Road to New Cleveland Road) described as “Road Upgrade, Culvert Widening” at an estimated cost of $9,227,375. This would presumably address the issue. However this project is not scheduled for completion until some unspecified time in the 2016-2021 period.

EaST BUG have written to Councillor Ryan Murphy highlighting the dangers to cyclists on this route in the hope of increasing the priority of this road upgrade project.