Parking in bike lanes on Wynnum Road

parttimelaneThe stretch of Wynnum Rd between Creek Road and Muir St in Cannon Hill has recently been resurfaced and re-marked. There is now a smooth 2.0m wide bike lane in place which is great, except when there are cars parked in it. Unfortunately it is only a clearway between 6-9am and 3-6pm weekdays inbound, and 6-9am and 4-7pm weekdays outbound.
Wynnum Rd is a busy road with a speed limit of 70kph, and has been identified on the Brisbane City Plan as a primary cycle route. As such, we believe it should have bicycle lanes which are kept free of obstructions at all times. There is research showing that having intermittent parking (which forces people on bikes to move in and out of a lane of fast moving traffic) is very dangerous. The intuition of all bicycle riders would concur with this.
BikeLaneBlockedEaST BUG would like to see the entire section of Wynnum Rd from Junction Rd in Morningside to Belmont Rd, Tingalpa¬†have continuous, uninterrupted bike lanes at all times.¬†On the outbound (northern side), we don’t envisage removing parking being a problem, as our observations are that there is very little parking along Wynnum Rd on that side of the road even during the times when it is permitted. On the inbound (southern) side, we acknowledge that removing parking will be more sensitive, as there are a number of businesses and residences which have become used to the availability of on-street parking on Wynnum Rd. We do stress that these businesses have off-street parking, and that there is nearby parking available in side streets off Wynnum Rd.
Although the road varies in width along this section of Wynnum Rd, we insist that parking should only be allowed in those places where there is room for a 2.1m parking strip, minimum 0.4m door zone, AND minimum 2.0m bike lane giving bicyclists plenty of separation from fast moving traffic in the adjacent lane. Any narrower configuration where parking is allowed is dangerous.
Changing the signage to prevent parking at all times is a very inexpensive way to immediately improve the cycling safety and capacity of this important commuter route.
EaST BUG have written to Councillor Ryan Murphy on this issue, and will continue to campaign for bike lanes that are continuous in space and time.