Warehouse development in Taylor St, Bulimba

DSC03653EaST BUG are concerned about the effects of a new development at 153 Taylor St, Bulimba. This will be a large warehousing facility with extended operating hours, which will add substantially to heavy vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd and neighbouring streets. Although Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in both the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and the SEQ Principal Cycle Network, it is not configured appropriately to provide safe travel for people who ride bikes even with the current volume and mix of traffic. This situation can be expected to become dramatically worse with the opening of the new warehouses.

CityPlan153TaylorStDue to the geography of the area, Lytton road is a key route to school for students in much of the catchment areas of Bulimba State School and Balmoral SHS, as well as Cannon Hill Anglican College. If pedestrian and cycling facilities are not addressed in this area future students will never have access to safe routes to school. The intersections of Lytton Rd with Apollo Rd, Taylor St and Thynne Rd are of particular concern, as is the lack of suitable crossing points. Active Travel programs, road safety education, and inducements for families to walk or cycle can never overcome the limitations of poor infrastructure.

DSC03543Additionally, although the approved development plans for 153 Taylor St (see below) now make some provision for a small park and a narrow easement fronting the Brisbane River, there appears to be no requirement on the developer to contribute to the landscaping of this park, or to contribute to the construction of the primary or secondary bicycle routes across the property that are identified in the Brisbane City Plan. Indeed the landscaping plans appear to show that the overland flow path on the property will be diverted into the easement that should be reserved for a future cycle route connecting Taylor St to Thynne Rd.  These sections are important links in a bicycle route that will ultimately connect existing roads and paths from Apollo Rd, Bulimba though to the Gateway Bridge. This would create a great recreational route and extend the tourist route showcasing the Brisbane River all the way from Chelmer to Murarrie. It would also give local residents the opportunity to safely access the sporting and recreation facilities at Colmslie Recreation Reserve and Colmslie Beach Reserve by bicycle.

The development at 153 Taylor St, Bulimba precludes opportunities to develop and link public green space along the Brisbane River which would be an invaluable recreational and tourism asset for our city and region.

Correspondence regarding the development at 153 Taylor St, Bulimba