Banana Bars at Vic Lucas Park, Bulimba

DSC03689EaST BUG wrote to Brisbane City Council to protest the installation of banana bars (deflection rails) at the entrances to Vic Lucas Park in Bulimba.

The path between Quay St and McConnell St was widened and upgraded in September 2015, creating a pleasant recreational pathway that can be enjoyed by people walking, jogging, or riding bicycles. Unfortunately, council went ahead and installed the banana bar pinch points at the entrances to the park.

DSC03718Members of EaST BUG, and other people who ride bikes frequently complain of the dangerous nature and inappropriate use of these bars. They create unnecessary conflict points between people on bikes and other people using the pathway, and are particularly intimidating for children who must try to judge a curved head-height obstacle at exactly the time when they should be focusing on how to interact with other path users, or to look out for vehicles on the road they will be crossing or entering.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has a written policy against the use of such infrastructure, noting “access control devices such as bollards and deflection rails are a safety hazard to path users, and limit path capacity. When in doubt, leave access control devices out.”

DSC03696Brisbane CBD BUG and Airport BUG have previously written to Council on the issue of banana bars, and the strong message from the Brisbane cycling community is that these treatments are unsafe and should not be used. Other parks in the area have used more appropriate treatments to prevent cars from entering the bikeway, so we are disappointed that bikeway funding continues to be used on inappropriate infrastructure.

EaST BUG letter to council enquiries centre (4 September 2015)

Email response from Council (14 September 2015)