Lytton Road, Murarrie

The bike lane on Lytton Rd heading east (towards the Gateway Bridge) from Metroplex Avenue to Queensport Rd has now been marked up. As part of the works, Council also widened the culvert carrying the stream under the road at the lowest point and installed a concrete shared path to allow for creation of an off-road cycle path up the hill in future. Along with the road resurfacing, this has hugely improved what was previously a very uncomfortable section of roadway. For those who are still uncomfortable riding up the steep hill this close to traffic (and there is a LOT of heavy vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd) there is an alternative off-road path at a much gentler gradient that winds its way down to the river, through the park under the Gateway Bridge, and up to meet the bike path over the bridge.

EaST BUG was involved in a discussion and feedback session with the project team in early March 2015, and thank the Brisbane City Council taking note of our feedback.