Old Cleveland Road cycle safety improvements: inbound

Route review: travelling inbound from Capalaba West to Carindale. Gateway Motorway overpass.

In mid 2015 the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads completed works designed to improve safety for cyclists travelling along Old Cleveland Road between Capalaba West and Carindale. The images below show how to navigate the off-ramps and on-ramps where Old Cleveland Road goes under the Gateway Motorway – in the inbound direction (travelling west).

If you’re riding alone or in a small group, we highly recommend using the new crossing points to save conflicts with fast-moving traffic on the off-ramp and on-ramp. Riding in a larger group obviously changes things, as the group is more visible but less manoeuvrable, so in that case please check with your ride leader and follow cycling etiquette and common sense. Since this is a busy 80kph road, even the best on-road lanes and crossing treatments aren’t going to make it comfortable for everyone, but as far as on-road cycling facilities go, this is pretty good.