Camp Hill

Riders on a main bikeway commuter corridor should have preference over motor vehicle traffic on minor streets such as Longlands St.
According to the Brisbane City Council, the CBD to Carindale commuter corridor aims to “Complete a gap in the eastern commuter cycling network and provide a safe alternative route to Old Cleveland Road”. We should stress upfront that Old Cleveland Road is an arterial route for cyclists for the same reason it is for drivers: it is the most direct way eastbound, it runs between major population blocks, and it is easy to navigate. EaST BUG’s position is that work on the sections of the […]

CBD to Carindale Commuter Bikeway Corridor: Logan Rd to Bennetts ...

Brisbane City Council is preparing a neighbourhood plan for the Coorparoo and Districts area, which includes parts of Coorparoo, Greenslopes, Camp Hill, Holland Park, and Holland Park West. At EaST BUG we see this as an important opportunity to ensure there are excellent cycle linkages within and through the area. Our submission is available here: EaST BUG submission (29 October 2015)

Coorparoo and Districts Neighbourhood Plan

In mid 2015, Council upgraded signage and line marking along Bennetts Road in an effort to improve safety and efficiency for all road users. This included realigning the traffic lanes and centre lines and installing northbound and southbound bicycle lanes along Bennetts Road from near Fryar Street, Cap Hill to Agnew Street, Morningside. Although EaST BUG advocated for separated and protected bicycle lanes in discussions with the Project Team, it was clear that the 2015 project budget only included provision […]

Bennetts Road bike lanes, Norman Park