EaST BUG are concerned about the effects of a new development at 153 Taylor St, Bulimba. This will be a large warehousing facility with extended operating hours, which will add substantially to heavy vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd and neighbouring streets. Although Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in both the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and the SEQ Principal Cycle Network, it is not configured appropriately to provide safe travel for people who ride bikes even with the current […]

Warehouse development in Taylor St, Bulimba

EaST BUG has provided feedback on the Draft Bulimba Barracks Masterplan: East BUG submission (30 October 2015) Our submission emphasises the requirements for space for cycling in the context to this development: Safer routes to schools. Residents from this area must have safe routes to local school, which means that safety issues along Lytton Road in both directions must be addressed so that local children have opportunities to safely ride or walk to school. Local streets, not through streets (preventing rat­running through […]

Bulimba Barracks Masterplan

EaST BUG calls on the Brisbane City Council to upgrade Lytton Rd between Thynne Rd, Morningside and Oxford St Bulimba, noting that: Current cycle lanes are not protected and are adjacent to the traffic stream; Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in the Brisbane City Plan 2014; Cycling provisions on some sections of this route are limited to BAZ (Bicycle Awareness Zones) markings which have proven ineffective in providing protection for cyclists and do nothing to […]

Safety of Lytton Road from Thynne Rd, Morningside to Oxford ...

EaST BUG wrote to Brisbane City Council to protest the installation of banana bars (deflection rails) at the entrances to Vic Lucas Park in Bulimba. The path between Quay St and McConnell St was widened and upgraded in September 2015, creating a pleasant recreational pathway that can be enjoyed by people walking, jogging, or riding bicycles. Unfortunately, council went ahead and installed the banana bar pinch points at the entrances to the park. Members of EaST BUG, and other people who ride bikes frequently […]

Banana Bars at Vic Lucas Park, Bulimba

According to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 bicycle network overlay, there is an intended primary cycle route along the edge of the Brisbane River from Apollo Rd, Bulimba to the Gateway Bridge. (This is shown in dark green in the image below.) However, given the current land use, it is unlikely that such a route will be completed for many years.  In the short term, there is an opportunity to realise the secondary cycle route (shown in pale green) by creating […]

Cycle route from Apollo Road to Gateway Bridge