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We recently received notification from Council with a preliminary design for a new section of the Moreton Bay Cycleway from Elanora Park to Export Street, travelling along Wynnum North Road, Wynnum, and Pritchard Street, Lytton. Stages 1 and 2, which are due to commence shortly, will involve an off-road shared path (1) along Wynnum North Road, from Elanora Park to the roundabout at Pritchard St and (2) along the northern side of Pritchard St from the existing off-road bikeway near […]

Pritchard Street Lytton

The area around the roundabout at the intersection of Lytton Rd, Junction Rd, and Colmslie Rd is terrible for active transport, and EaST BUG would like to see this an intersection upgraded as a matter of priority to make it safer for people walking and cycling. Brisbane City Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) includes project MOR-RI-001 to upgrade this intersection with an estimated completion date in the 2016-2021 period. Dual-carriageway roundabouts such as this one are highly dangerous and […]

Lytton Road Roundabout

As part of the Norman Creek Master Plan, Brisbane City Council are uncovering the parts of the Coorparoo Creek which have been hidden in underground drains for decades. Work is underway to create a park along the creek which we understand will include a shared path linking from Barnes Avenue to Old Cleveland Road. We hope to share drawings of the proposed path as soon as these are available from the project team. For more information about this project, see the […]

Coorparoo Creek Park – Shared Path

Roundabout on Thynne Rd, Morningside
Single-lane roundabouts: we have a lot of them in our suburbs including at some very busy intersections (Oxford St Bulimba, Agnew St Morningside, Thynne Rd Morningside, Barrack Rd Cannon Hill, Ferguson Rd Seven Hills, Bennetts Rd Norman Park, Wondall Rd Wynnum, etc). For people on bikes, it’s generally accepted as good practice to ‘take the lane’ going into a roundabout so that drivers are more likely to see you, and those behind will not try to squeeze past. But sometimes […]

Single lane suburban roundabouts

As one of their 2016 election commitments, Council will be providing a major upgrade to the skatepark at Murarrie Recreation Reserve. We think it’s also worth investing in a few improvements in the area to make it easier and safer for people to get to the skatepark on foot, by bike, or on smaller wheels. Although the reserve has good parking, we hope that most of the people using the facility won’t have to rely on a car to get there. Similarly, the […]

Murarrie Recreation Reserve

A button allowing this rider to trigger the traffic signals to turn right should have been installed when the curb and signal works were done.
Work appears almost complete on the intersection of Wynnum Rd and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive, Morningside – with only the application of coloured (green) paint yet to be done. Back in September 2015, we reported on Councils plan’s to upgrade the intersection with support from the Federal Government via their black spot program. EaST BUG called and wrote to the project team, and are happy that some of our suggested improvements have been implemented. We are pleased that there is now a (short) bike […]

Update on intersection upgrade, Morningside

The CBD to Carindale commuter bikeway corridor crosses a number of side-streets – including Turbo Drive where it meets Deshon Street at Coorparoo. We are concerned that this will be a conflict zone between commuting riders and vehicles turning in and out of Turbot Drive. Since the bikeway is intended to be a commuter corridor,  people who are commuting by bicycle should not be forced to give way to traffic turning into or exiting from side streets. They should also […]

Bikeway crossing Turbo Drive, Coorparoo

The bridge across Perrin Creek is single-lane in each direction, with no shoulder
At EaST BUG we are concerned for the safety of cyclists crossing the Perrin Creek Bridge on Lytton Road at Morningside. Although Lytton Road is nominally a primary cycle route, in reality it is of very poor quality, and we consider this is the worst section of the route. Lytton Road is busy at all times, carrying a high volume of heavy vehicle traffic. The bridge across Perrin Creek is quite narrow, with a single lane in each direction, and absolutely no shoulder. There is […]

Perrin Creek Bridge

According to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 Bicycle Network Overlay there is a nominal primary cycle route crossing the old dry dock area at Kangaroo Point. Currently this route is impractical for people riding bicycles, as there are only stairs or an unsuitably tight access ramp connecting from Cairns St to the riverwalk level at the Dockside ferry terminal. Nevertheless, many individual riders still attempt to use this route as it helps them to avoid busy roads and intersections that […]

Dockside, Kangaroo Point

Do as the sign says. Just like this…
Route review: travelling outbound from Carindale to Capalaba West In mid 2015 the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads completed works designed to improve safety for cyclists travelling along Old Cleveland Road between Carindale and Capalaba West. The images below show how to navigate the off-ramps and on-ramps where Old Cleveland Road goes under the Gateway Motorway – in the outbound direction (travelling east). If you’re riding alone or in a small group, we highly recommend using the new […]

Old Cleveland Road cycle safety improvements: outbound

Follow the concrete path around to the left as if turning left towards Mt Petrie Rd
Route review: travelling inbound from Capalaba West to Carindale. Gateway Motorway overpass. In mid 2015 the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads completed works designed to improve safety for cyclists travelling along Old Cleveland Road between Capalaba West and Carindale. The images below show how to navigate the off-ramps and on-ramps where Old Cleveland Road goes under the Gateway Motorway – in the inbound direction (travelling west). If you’re riding alone or in a small group, we highly recommend using […]

Old Cleveland Road cycle safety improvements: inbound

EaST BUG are concerned about the effects of a new development at 153 Taylor St, Bulimba. This will be a large warehousing facility with extended operating hours, which will add substantially to heavy vehicle traffic on Lytton Rd and neighbouring streets. Although Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in both the Brisbane City Plan 2014 and the SEQ Principal Cycle Network, it is not configured appropriately to provide safe travel for people who ride bikes even with the current […]

Warehouse development in Taylor St, Bulimba

Preferred Alignments East
Brisbane City Council is currently constructing a pedestrian and cycle bridge across Norman Creek that will connect from Heath Park, East Brisbane to Norman Avenue, Norman Park. The work includes extensive concrete pathways on each side of the bridge, bringing the total project cost to $7.4m. The strategic importance of this connection is best understood with reference to the proposed CBD to Wynnum Manly Commuter Bikeway Corridor available at:…/Bikeway%20Corridors%20-%20… The bridge and shared pathway at Norman Creek provide a key link in […]

Norman Creek Bridge

EaST BUG has provided feedback on the Draft Bulimba Barracks Masterplan: East BUG submission (30 October 2015) Our submission emphasises the requirements for space for cycling in the context to this development: Safer routes to schools. Residents from this area must have safe routes to local school, which means that safety issues along Lytton Road in both directions must be addressed so that local children have opportunities to safely ride or walk to school. Local streets, not through streets (preventing rat­running through […]

Bulimba Barracks Masterplan

Riders on a main bikeway commuter corridor should have preference over motor vehicle traffic on minor streets such as Longlands St.
According to the Brisbane City Council, the CBD to Carindale commuter corridor aims to “Complete a gap in the eastern commuter cycling network and provide a safe alternative route to Old Cleveland Road”. We should stress upfront that Old Cleveland Road is an arterial route for cyclists for the same reason it is for drivers: it is the most direct way eastbound, it runs between major population blocks, and it is easy to navigate. EaST BUG’s position is that work on the sections of the […]

CBD to Carindale Commuter Bikeway Corridor: Logan Rd to Bennetts ...

EaST BUG calls on the Brisbane City Council to upgrade Lytton Rd between Thynne Rd, Morningside and Oxford St Bulimba, noting that: Current cycle lanes are not protected and are adjacent to the traffic stream; Lytton Rd has been identified as a primary cycle route in the Brisbane City Plan 2014; Cycling provisions on some sections of this route are limited to BAZ (Bicycle Awareness Zones) markings which have proven ineffective in providing protection for cyclists and do nothing to […]

Safety of Lytton Road from Thynne Rd, Morningside to Oxford ...

Carl St routes
We were contacted by Councillor Helen Abrahams to provide feedback on plans to reconfigure the intersection of O’Keefe St and Carl St, Woolloongabba. This area provides a link in a major cycle route – the Pacific Motorway Veloway – which is the primary commuter connection from Brisbane’s southern suburbs to the CBD. The area is also a key link connecting from the southern and eastern suburbs through to the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the University of Queensland. Representatives from EaST […]

Carl Street Woolloongabba intersection with V1 Veloway

Brisbane City Council is preparing a neighbourhood plan for the Coorparoo and Districts area, which includes parts of Coorparoo, Greenslopes, Camp Hill, Holland Park, and Holland Park West. At EaST BUG we see this as an important opportunity to ensure there are excellent cycle linkages within and through the area. Our submission is available here: EaST BUG submission (29 October 2015)

Coorparoo and Districts Neighbourhood Plan

Blackspot intersection upgrade: intersection of of Wynnum Road and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive, Morningside. On Friday 25 September 2015 EaST BUG received notification from Brisbane City Council that they would be commencing work on Monday on an upgrade to the intersection of Wynnum Road and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive at Morningside as part of the Australian Government’s 2015-2016 Black Spot Program. Both Wynnum Road and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive have been identified as primary cycle routes in the Brisbane City Plan 2014, […]

Intersection of Wynnum Rd and Jack Flynn Memorial Drive, Morningside

EaST BUG wrote to Brisbane City Council to protest the installation of banana bars (deflection rails) at the entrances to Vic Lucas Park in Bulimba. The path between Quay St and McConnell St was widened and upgraded in September 2015, creating a pleasant recreational pathway that can be enjoyed by people walking, jogging, or riding bicycles. Unfortunately, council went ahead and installed the banana bar pinch points at the entrances to the park. Members of EaST BUG, and other people who ride bikes frequently […]

Banana Bars at Vic Lucas Park, Bulimba

According to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 bicycle network overlay, there is an intended primary cycle route along the edge of the Brisbane River from Apollo Rd, Bulimba to the Gateway Bridge. (This is shown in dark green in the image below.) However, given the current land use, it is unlikely that such a route will be completed for many years.  In the short term, there is an opportunity to realise the secondary cycle route (shown in pale green) by creating […]

Cycle route from Apollo Road to Gateway Bridge

In October 2014 Brisbane City Council released a concept design for stage 1 of the Wynnum Road corridor upgrade, between Latrobe Street and Canning Bridge. EaST BUG provided feedback on this design, lobbying hard for inclusion of a fully separated bike path in this major road redesign. We are very pleased that the project team have taken into account feedback from the community and incorporated active transport measures into the final concept design which was circulated in July 2015, and is […]

Wynnum Road Corridor Upgrade – Stage 1

EaST BUG are concerned about a safety issue for cyclists on Manly Road at Tingalpa. Travelling in the inbound direction, there is a particularly nasty squeeze-point crossing the culvert just after Castlerea St where there is no road shoulder and cyclists are forced to ride in the traffic lane. This is a busy road with a lot of high speed traffic, including heavy vehicles. It has been identified in the Brisbane City Plan as a primary cycle route, and is particularly important […]

Manly Road, Tingalpa

The stretch of Wynnum Rd between Creek Road and Muir St in Cannon Hill has recently been resurfaced and re-marked. There is now a smooth 2.0m wide bike lane in place which is great, except when there are cars parked in it. Unfortunately it is only a clearway between 6-9am and 3-6pm weekdays inbound, and 6-9am and 4-7pm weekdays outbound. Wynnum Rd is a busy road with a speed limit of 70kph, and has been identified on the Brisbane City […]

Parking in bike lanes on Wynnum Road

So not everyone will feel comfortable, even with the new lane
The bike lane on Lytton Rd heading east (towards the Gateway Bridge) from Metroplex Avenue to Queensport Rd has now been marked up. As part of the works, Council also widened the culvert carrying the stream under the road at the lowest point and installed a concrete shared path to allow for creation of an off-road cycle path up the hill in future. Along with the road resurfacing, this has hugely improved what was previously a very uncomfortable section of […]

Lytton Road, Murarrie

In mid 2015, Council upgraded signage and line marking along Bennetts Road in an effort to improve safety and efficiency for all road users. This included realigning the traffic lanes and centre lines and installing northbound and southbound bicycle lanes along Bennetts Road from near Fryar Street, Cap Hill to Agnew Street, Morningside. Although EaST BUG advocated for separated and protected bicycle lanes in discussions with the Project Team, it was clear that the 2015 project budget only included provision […]

Bennetts Road bike lanes, Norman Park